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About us

"A dog is the only thing on the earth that loves you more than he loves himself." 

Josh Billings


  Welcome on webpages of our family´s kennel, which was established 6th of December, 2017 (reg. no. 836/17).

     Our love to Cavaliers exploded far away in advance, before we brought first four-footed friend to our house. We didn´t want to underestimate anything, thus the most important for us was to prepare the best conditions for the new member of our family.
    First female Black&Tan came to us in May 2016. As it´s quite usual - one Cavalier is never enough, thus another female Ruby joined us in January 2017. Short time after we decided to establish kennel of Cavaliers, whose foundresses were both our dog ladies - Abba and Ember sun.
     If somebody would ask us, what we want to say "about us" in few sentences, we would like to mention, that we are small kennel, which was established gently - in quiet mood. What we are doing, we are doing for happiness and pleasure of all of us. Walks, trips, playing games, dog shows and future litters - those are the activities we like and whereby we want to dedicate also in the future. Our main focus is to have our dogs and coming puppies well healthy and flourishing. We approach to the selection of new families for our puppies very responsibly. We are primarily concerned with health, preserving of great cavalier´s character and breeding individuals according to the exterior standards of this breed.
     And what will happen? I think nobody knows. Our effort is to have healthy, happy, well socialized puppies, who will be ready to make happiness to their new families, until the end of their lives.
     In case you like our approach as well as you would be interested to puppy from our kennel, watch the section "News" or contact me via email. I will appreciate, if you´ll introduce yourself; you´ll outline your idea about the puppy, what kind of gender you are interested in; eventually color, what plans do you have with the new member of your family (if just a pet, or sport, dog shows, breeding etc.).
We wish you a beautiful day full of luck coming from selection of your new dog´s friend ♥.


Silver Needles Kennel

Ember, Abba, Emma


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