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Litter "A"




7th of July, 2019 were born first puppies in our kennel!!! 

♥♥ 2x BT male + 1x BT female


Both parrents of litter "A" are very successful in dog shows. They are coming from longtime pedigrees in terms of age, having all needed health examinations!!!


mother: GrandCh.Ch.Jch.Ember Sun Cerny turmalin (more info on our web pages)

father: Ch.Jch.Zirkony Eli Biely Demon (more info here:


                                         Mother of litter "A"                                                                    Father of litter "A"

First photos of our puppies including added names already ...


One day after birthday ...

We have one week here ...


Mum with her daughter

We have two weeks here ...

We have three weeks here ...



We have four weeks here ...

AUSSIE ANGEL Silver Needles


ALWARO AIRY Silver Needles


AMAZING ACROY Silver Needles


We have five weeks here ...

AMAZING ACROY Silver Needles

♥not for sale♥



ALWARO AIRY Silver Needles

♥not for sale♥



AUSSIE ANGEL Silver Needles

♥not for sale♥



We have six weeks here ...


We have seven weeks here ...


We have eight weeks here ...

ALWARO AIRY Silver Needles                                     AUSSIE ANGEL Silver Needles


AMAZING ACROY Silver Needles


We have two months here ...



Last common photo before departure to the new houses♥♥♥

♥"You may be gone from my sight...But you are never gone from my heart"♥

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