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Dog´s prayer


1. Treat me kindly my beloved Lord. No heart in the world is more greatful for kindness than my loving heart.

2. Don´t try to break my soul by force, I would have licked your hands between wounds. Your patience and understanding will teach me faster to do the things you want me to do.

3. Talk to me often. Your voice is the sweetest music for me in the world, as you must know from the wild waving of my tail when I hear your steps.

4. When is cold and wet, leave me inside please, as I´m domesticated pet, who is no longer used to harsh conditions. And I don´t ask for more privilege than honor to sit by your feet at the family hearth. Even if I would have no home, I would rather follow you through the ice and snow before resting on the softest pillows, because you are my God and I love you dearly!

5. Keep my bowl full of fresh water, because I can not tell you I´m suffering from thirst. Feed me with good food to keep me healthy, so I can exercise, play and fullfil your commands. To walk beside you, to be ready and able to protect you by my life in case you would be in the danger.

6. And my dear Lord, when the time comes - when I will not be healthy any longer, don´t give me away. Better hold me softly in your hands and give me a merry rest, and I will pass away with idea, that my destiny was safest in your hands ...


„Your furry friend"

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