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Dog´s wishes


1. My life takes between 10-15 years. Each separation from you gives me sadness. Remember - it was you who bought me!

2. Give me time to understand, what do you want from me.

3. Trust me, I will never let you down!

4. Don´t be angry with me for a long time and don´t close me for the punishment. You have your friends and fun, I have only you.

5. Talk to me. Even if I don´t understand to your words, it´s enough for me to hear your voice.

6. Be aware, that if you beat me, I could bite you easily. But I will not do it.

7. If I´m sometimes in a bad mood, I´m making mistakes, or I´m lazy - think about it. Could be I don´t feel well, or I´m simply tired.

8. My Lord, you are everything for me. Excuse me for couple of puddles and your shoes chewed away.

9. Take care about me. Even though I´m old, you will get old one time as well.

10. Be in my hard moments always with me. Everything is easier for me with you.

11. Don´t let me suffer, before I will pass away. In case it will be necessary to finish my pain in time, just please, stay with me at this moment and don´t leave me.

12. You are all for me and I love you more than myself. I trust to you only. Don´t break my heart, I gave you all my life. My Lord ...


"Your furry friend"

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