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7th of July, 2019 were born first puppies in our kennel!!! 

♥♥ 2x BT male + 1x BT female ♥♥

(more you can find in menu or: "LITTERS - Litter A")

Beautiful puppy on the left side is our Gch. Ch. Jch.EMBER SUN, with her brothers in the middle and on the right side ...


Don´t hesitate to contact me in case you are interested in puppy from our kennel.


Puppy ready for its departure to the new family:

1. goes earliest in 8th week,

2. will be vaccinaated and innocent of worms (3 times),

3. will be examinated by veterinary doctor,

4. will be provided with chip,

5. will have issued Pedigree records,

6. will have its own "PET PASSPORT" with records related to vaccination etc.,

7. will get Sales agreement/contract,

8. will get small present.


Consultancy and willigness to support and help with selection of dog´s food, breeding, training, dog show exhibitions, etc. is obvious.

Price will be always set based on given/concrete puppy´s performance!!!

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